Band 2 - Nursing Assistants

Other Nursing Disciplines
Salary negotiable
Contract Type:
Full Time
  • Carries out assigned duties involving direct patient care in support of the Registered Nurse under the direction of the Nurse in Charge to include:
  • Personal Hygiene
  • Maintenance of oral hydration and nutrition
  • Elimination
  • Communication
  • Health and safety
  • Promoting equality
  • Reducing the effects of abuse
  • Receiving and transferring information
  • Movement and handling of individuals and pressure area care
  • Promoting emotional and psychological well being
  • Maximizing comfort
  • Promoting independence
  • Undertaking palliative and terminal care
  • Ensures that the assigned duties are completed according to the standards set by the Sister/Charge Nurse.
  • Provides feedback to the Nurse in Charge on completion of the assigned duties, reporting changes.
  • Works under direct supervision for all of a shift.
  • Demonstrates an approachable and helpful style of care, which emphasises a quality of customer service.
  • To prepare clinical environments including setting up of trolleys and equipment.
  • To prepare patients for examination as required, including explanation of dressing/undressing requirements and assisting if needed.
  • To chaperone patients when required.
  • To escort patients to other departments and hospitals.
  • To assist in the care of relatives/carers of the patient.
  • To support the Multi-disciplinary team in the event of an emergency situation within assessed competence.
  • To undertake additional skills [depending on department requirements] after completion of the NVQ additional skills competency booklet to include:
  • Peripheral cannula removal
  • Vital signs monitoring – blood pressure, pulse, respirations, temperature, oxygen saturation, hourly urine measurements.
  • Blood sugar monitoring.
  • Urinalysis.